ALL NATIONS Training School is a ministry of Redline Church pastored by Robert & Susanna Lee.

ALL NATIONS exists to train disciples to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God unto all the nations of the earth. It is designed to create an atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to equip you to live a life abandoned to Jesus and discover your God-given purpose.

ALL NATIONS is a place to experience radical transformation and find clarity for a lifetime of following Jesus and reaching the nations. We offer a theological education and hands-on experience for church planters and leaders in all spheres of life.

At ALL NATIONS you’re engaged in an innovative model that goes beyond the classroom and that allows you to gain real-world experience & training for your sphere of influence. You are equipped through the context of local church ministry, community outreach and mission work which maintains high levels of achievement in character, skills, and knowledge.

All Nations Training School is a life-changing experience for students of any age, background, vocation or season of life. It is a place to experience radical transformation and find clarity for a lifetime of following Jesus. We teach people the 3G’s- Grow | Go | Guide Grow in Jesus










What is ANTS?
All Nations Training School is a two-year training program that is designed to develop disciples to know their Heavenly Father as well as their identity as His son or daughter.  We establish this foundation through His word, by His Spirit within the family of Christ.
Year two is specific toward the gifting of the individual and includes coaching, mentoring and hands-on ministry training within the sphere of calling for each disciple.  Both years include outreach and missions work.   

Who can participate?
ANTS is for those ages 18 & up who have put their trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior and have a desire to change the world!

Why should I be a part of it?
If you desire to change the world you will need to allow Jesus to change your world.
ANTS combines biblical training, hands-on ministry & mentoring relationships that are designed to form the character of Christ within you and prepare you to

Know your Heavenly Father…

                                                Know your true identity…
                                                                                         & Change the World!

2016-2017 Dates & Time:
September 11th, 2016 – May 21st, 2017
Sunday Nights 5:30-8:30p
Summer Mission Trip (June)

1st Year Student Tuition: $1200ea.
2nd Year Student Tuition: $900ea.
*Price includes books, class materials & local outreach.
*Each student will be responsible for raising funds to cover the mission trip in June 2017
approx. $1300-$1800. 

Contact All Nations Administrator for further information - info@allnationstrainingschool.org


EL SALVADOR   Dec 3rd-9th  
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Santiago June 10th-17th